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More fun!

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Hi again,

This is the second video I thought would be great to show everyone. Many of you may have seen it already since it's huge on youtube, however, for those who haven't, it's pretty valuable to watch (as are all the videos from RSA Animate). 

This video talks about reshaping educational paradigms. It discusses why our education system today doesn't work and urges us to rethink what education should look like and how we should be educating children in the 21st century. 

Again, I hope you enjoy! 



See video


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What a masterpiece!

Thanks a lot for this video Jillian. I was totally engrossed in it. It makes such salient points and yet presents them in such an unforgettable and pointed manner. I think it qualifies as a source for indepth class discussion. I will watch it again and again!