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Access to Education!!!

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Hey Everyone!

Hopefully you'll be able to view my "map"/path!



Jillian's Educational Map


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I love this. I love you. Ahh!

I love this. I love you. Ahh! So cute. [:

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Thanks :) It took me a long time to make, so I'm really, really happy you like it.

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Oh wow, Jillian.  This is

Oh wow, Jillian.  This is amazing.  

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I love it a lot! Your "map"

I love it a lot! Your "map" is sooo cute!

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In case you couldn't read the text...

Hey Class,

Here is the summary of my video in case you couldn't read some of the words (combination of Rhoads sunny patio and bad color choices).

1) Parents meet in Philippines--move back to US where I'm born. 

2) Given books, blocks, and toys as a child. Stimulated imagination and love for English.

3) Standing alone in every scene because my parents were not very involved.

4) Good student in Middle School (there is a sign that says "Welcome to S-VE Middle School" and I say "Spencer, NY's only public school!" to emphasize that I went to a public high school) and High School, but encountered road blocks in my senior year (stress, boredom, senioritis)

5) Conflicted with college choice. costs, locations, etc. becomes overwhelming

6) Decide not to follow a traditional path, but instead to try something new and unexpected. Decide on BRYN MAWR (and I love it here!)