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In my evaluation, I focused on how I've grown since being in that class and how far I still have to go. In the beginning I was very intimindated by the structure of our discussions. I didn't talk much because I found it difficult to assert myself into the conversation. I also didn't take advantage of being able to post supplementary thoughts and ideas on Serendip because I felt like no one was reading them. I have since been able to find my place to speak in class, and I think I have become much better at speaking without hesitation about topics that interest me. I have also grown to appreciate Serendip now that the dialogue between us has begun to increase. However, I would like to see more of a conversation online. It's nice to know that others are taking the time to read things that you post and also to respond to them, possibly providing a previously unknown viewpoint. What I personally still need to work on in being to "talky" in essays. I tend to become lost in fluff and cliches, which obscures the point I'm trying to make. In addition, I need to make sure I fully develop a topic rather than just restating ideas. For the class, I hope that we will be able to get the Parkway students involved in some of our conversations on Serendip. I would be very interested to see what point of view they can bring to our discussions.