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How to Add an Image to Your Post

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As you map your "access to education" this weekend, look to
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Thanks for your kind comments. Its comforting to know that there is someone who shares and understands my feelings. I got over my mood. Yeah, Bryn Mawr is doing a good job of diversifying its student body. Catch ya in class.

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Mfon,  I often feel the same

Mfon,  I often feel the same way.  I sometimes feel like I am an "odd woman out" at Bryn Mawr because I just didn't have access to many of the things that many of the women in our class had.  Howvver, then I think about the great distances (both literal and figurative) that many of my coursemates have had to traverse just to get here, and I feel a little less resentful.  This is not to say that you should feel the same way, but just to share with you and let you know that you're not alone in feeling like a literal representation of what it looks like to have been barred some access.  However, one of the things I am starting to grasp is that part of what makes Bryn Mawr kind of awesome is that there is a growing diversity in the student body, and we can learn from one another.  I hope that your mood doesn't get killed anymore, because I really like getting to hear your perspective.

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Polarized access to Education

Yeah, i did feel deprived and a little sorry for myself that I did could not boast of the unique  educational opportunities and experiences of a number of my coursemates. Sometimes, i feel like i am an inhouse example of inclass/outclassed. It does seem as if everyone else received more cushioning than i did, and that kinda killed my mood in class. However, not to feel sorry for me. Like the French would say, C'est la vie. That's life. I am glad i got into this class, so i could openly share my story with you and learn from you. You know, unlike Edmundson's mistaken view that we can't learn from one another, during each of our discussions, I can't help but feel awed at the intellectual capacity you all possess. I hope that we can connect more though, besides the hours we spend in class. It would be nice if we allow the class to positively change the way we relate to each other outside the class.  I must commend two of my fellow E-semers, who did just that this afternoon. I was so touched that i had to post this.