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Botanical and Geological Exploration

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For the geological/botanical tour my group consisted of Alex, Hannah, Rachel, Graham, and myself. We all met up at the English House and started from there. First we sat down to discuss what we had been learning in class and noticed many similarities. After our discussion we decided to start with the botanical tour. We headed not too far into the Morris wood when we stopped to look at two plants that looked very similar to one another. One plant was native, and the other was an imposter trying to fight for the same resources the native plant was using up. Rachel and Graham showed us another plant, a poisonous on with with small green leaves. The warned us to wash our hands if we touched it. We ended up near the friendship bench. There we felt the bark of different trees. It was interesting to see how some trees were very different from one another, while others only had slight differences between them. This was comparable to the rocks we looked at. The two rocks Wissahickon schist  and Baltimore gneiss, are similar to one another, and may be difficult to tell apart. But limestone and granite are very easily distinguished from one another. Although trees and rocks are certainly not made in the same way there are similarities in how they vary.