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Evolution in Advertising

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 In my Junior English Seminar at Haverford, we are reading James Joyce's Ulysses. Recently, we have been discussing the role of advertising in the novel; the incessant imagery of signs, store-front windows, flyers, and commercial refrains not only colors but literally creates the landscape of the novel. As a result, it seeps into the consciousness of the characters and interacts with their internal dialogue to create a hybrid thought-process of advertising language and original speech. While this novel takes place at the turn of the twentieth century, the concept rings true to today's world, if not equally then only more so. As we engage further with media and find ourselves further engrossed in a world of advertising, I wonder how our way of communicating internally and externally will evolve, not only in reality but in literal representations of reality, such as Ulysses. The representation of the documentary acting as an advertisement for Kurton in Generosity is one creative way in which we see a blending of the discourse of advertising and narrative expression.


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