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"Outliers" Book Commentary

I happened upon Malcolm Gladwell’s third book, Outliers,[1] not only because it was recommended to me, but also because its title was also of interest.
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The Female Voice: Hot or Not?

 During my freshman year of high school, I remember clearly the day a friend of mine told me that this guy I had a crush on did not feel the same way. Of course I was disappointed; more than that though, I wanted to know the reasons why he did not reciprocate my feelings! I thought, “Maybe I can change myself and fix the things he doesn’t like!” When my friend told me the reason, however, I was not so confident in my ability to change myself to suit his liking: he thought I had an annoying voice! Four years have passed since then, and I no longer feel slightly self-conscious about my voice. My current boyfriend tells me on a regular basis that my voice is “cute” and asks me to repeat certain words because he finds it endearing

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Zombies: Fact or Fiction?

 As an avid horror film fan, I have watched my fair share of zombie movies. The first I ever watched was the 2004 remake of George A. Romero’s classic, “Dawn of the Dead.” The movie scared me on so many levels – I was thirteen years old, afraid of the dark and virtually everything else in the world – not to mention the thought of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic zombies taking over the world. My adverse reaction to zombies evolved over the years, however, and my fear turned into sheer curiosity. Even though I understood that by no means are zombies real, I often wondered why the zombies of the movies were sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes stupid, and sometimes pretty smart. More than that, I wondered from where George A.

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Lateralization in Horses

Hemispheric Lateralization in Horses

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