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My New Introduction...

My name is Jack Marine. 

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Culture as Disability

If anyone is interested in how "ghetto" culture affects the potential learning of Black students in one particular charter school I taught at, one can start by reading through the article "Culture as Disability", by Ray McDermott and Herve Varenne. I grew up in a middle class culture. My parents were not very strict with me, and you can guess where this led me regarding my boundries. I found it difficult to modify who I am (for 12 teaching years) in such a way to actively teach and manage inner city students effectively. So, for the past years I struggled as a classroom teacher first, then as a specialist teacher.

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Jack's Sudoku

Date Time Thoughts
 7/13  14:29  That was more fun than I anticipated!
 7/13  10:47  Wow
 7/13  xx  Screwed up somewhere
 7/15  8:38  Felt fun
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bbi09 Materials Proposal from Jack Marine

“ Given that you were primarily concerned with humans (and human inquiry), this may seem irrelevant but I think its actually quite germane. You see, humans ARE to a significant extent like trees. Like us, trees grow, trees take in nutrients, trees respond to changes in their environment, trees retain traces of prior occurrences in their lives, and so on. And they do all of those things (and more) without thinking. What that suggests is that much of what we do we probably do the same way trees do them, without thinking. In fact, there are lots of observations that indicate that that is indeed so. The "unconscious" is real, though not quite the beast that Freud (or people after him) made it out to be; see "Making the Unconscious Conscious, and Vice Versa").

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The Future Is Looking Brighter

I secured my new teaching position today! I will be teaching middle school science at The Global Leadership Academy Charter School.

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Rethinking Evolution


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Learning is

Learning is a new source of neuronal activity...Wil says that we may help our students enlarge their networks if you engage them in inquiry as it modifies their neural networks.

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Live from Bryn's The Jack Marine Variety Hour!!

I am Jack Marine. My legal given name is Jacob, but everone calls me Jack. No one in my family was a Marine, but my father was one of the few Marines in the Army!

I graduated college in 1978 and worked in the Apparel Industry for nearly twenty years.  In 1996, I went back to school at Cabrini College to study elementary education. After I earned my PA K-6 certification, I started teaching in The Philadelphia School District. I've been teaching for eleven years, teaching elementary science at two different charter schools for the past seven (years). I am currently seeking a new position for this fall.

I think some charter schools are very successful and work great. But I haven't worked for any of these schools yet, in my brief career in education.

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