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Community Grants Funding 2010

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Introduction agent of change via being a career educator.  Formerly a Special Education and School Administrator, I also serve as an adjunct professor and educational consultant.  I have earned 4 degrees; 3 academic and 1 service. ordained Minister and an active member in a community based church, in addition to serving Pastors, their family, staff, and Ministerial needs via my purposed filled Ministry.  My credo, "Serving Him by Serving His Servants".

...a 1st and 2nd level certified Holistic Consultant which includes (but is not limited to) massage therapy, listening and venting therapy, herbal remedies, and hand blended organic Anointing and Cooking herb infused olive oil.

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Sudoku Journal

Wednesday when we first began Sudoku I was fine with it, because I have limited previous experience with this game.  The challenge for me during the game I was playing came when I realized several of the cells I completed were incorrect.  It would have been helpful for me to have known ahead of time that several of my cell entries were incorrect; especially since I was playing on the entry level.

I did choose to clear that game with the intent to start again, but when I realized it was close to time to wrap up for the day, I then choose not to start again, anticipating rushing through the process would probably be what frustrated me.

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Geneva's Portfolio Index

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Let us begin this endless journey...

The initial purpose of this page was to explore and identify grant resources relative to a two fold study. One aspect of this study funding deals with our brain. The second focuses on diversity.


I. Brain Study Grants:  Dana Organization, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grants, International Brain Research Organization, Parkinson Study Grants via Johns Hopkins University.

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