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Geneva Tolliferreo's picture agent of change via being a career educator.  Formerly a Special Education and School Administrator, I also serve as an adjunct professor and educational consultant.  I have earned 4 degrees; 3 academic and 1 service. ordained Minister and an active member in a community based church, in addition to serving Pastors, their family, staff, and Ministerial needs via my purposed filled Ministry.  My credo, "Serving Him by Serving His Servants".

...a 1st and 2nd level certified Holistic Consultant which includes (but is not limited to) massage therapy, listening and venting therapy, herbal remedies, and hand blended organic Anointing and Cooking herb infused olive oil.

As an aside, I established and maintain a non-profit, "Attire for Hire" which accepts consignment and donations of women's clothing.  Women who are transitioning to the work force, having limited funds, are able to shop here for suitable clothing.  ...accepting donations currently.  Once I relocate I will be accepting consignment again.  Currently I need size 12 -16 tops, size 10 - 12 bottoms, size 12-14 suits, and size 9 M shoes for an under paid working mother who only has 2 pair of slacks, shoes, and tops.  Please help, and thanks!  Confidentially maintained.  I have been a conduit for clothes for years.

Additionally, I sell pre-owned estate, unique, and designer jewelry for private clients.  Showings by appointment only.

I love to travel and have lived in England.  I went to South Africa when I retired.  I went to Israel for my 50th Birthday.  These are just 3 of the 6 countries I have been to, in addition to 2 U.S. territories.  Two of my many travel goals are to visit all 50 United States (I have been to 18 states and D.C.) and to go and to travel on The Orient Express, both American and European.  Next year I am planning to go to Missouri and to a reunion in Israel.

Because of I AM, I am.  I am, because we are.  We are, because I am.  I am and we, are because He is.  He is I AM.