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Community Grants Funding 2010

Geneva Tolliferreo's picture

As I continue this journey, it continues to unfold as the petals of a Rose.  The more I pull back the layers, the more refined and defined my center (purpose) becomes.  Now seeking funding to refurbish two inner city properties, community grants have become a viable source of potential funds.  As with any endeavor, pulling back the layers of even this is a cumbersome process.  Often, the layers yield a process not suited to the needs of my particular program, so…the process begins again with yet another funding source/other funding sources.  This is the science of progression for my endeavors.

What this institute reinforces is that the process is never ending, if we truly keep seeking answers and solutions to that which we seek.  Many of the avenues that are available to investigate are often laden with loopholes which exempt me from the prize…the actual funding.  What I always learn in this process is what does not work, which keeps me from going in circles, allowing me to move forward by going to the next opportunity.

Philanthropy, it’s very nature, it to screen and weed to get to a specific target.  The match must be exact, and the slightest mark outside of the template is an unforgiving (and often thankless) disqualification.  This is often the case with science and mathematics.  As I seek new and varied grants, all within the confines of my immediate and extended goals, the breadth and depth of my options are as numerous as they are specific.

Some of the sources of my search are via the following links:

These are just a few of the MANY organizations that are available to fund community support efforts; in my case, I am seeking to reduce inner city blight.