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Floating mind

I am sitting on the outdoor bench, feeling the cool, autumn wind. I can see my shadow changes with the varying position of the sun and the cloud. For once in my life, I would like to forget about the physics model of earth orbiting around the sun, and believe that the sun is, miraculously, orbiting the world I am living in. This idea warms my heart, as I felt there id always something, someone surrounding me, protecting me, comforting me.


Many students are practicing sports on the playing ground—they are so passionately, enthusiastically in love with what they are doing, and I could not even describe how ridiculous mechanism seems to me. People are doing sports, not because they are programmed to do so. Their instinct is not a CPU, and they are not emotionless robots that mechanically do everything they are told to do. They have soul. They are a part of my sight, my world. They made the playfield full of happiness—they changed, rather than adapted to the surroundings.


They remind me of a girl in my junior middle school. She was a good friend of mine, and I always encouraged her when she got depressed. She was so easy to get depressed, because of her lpw grades, not-so-good appearance, unsatisfying popularity, and so on. She was so easy to be affected by the weather, or other people’s words. Then, when she got depressed, she spread her negative emotions to other people. At first she was sympathized, but after she created a trap of depress for herself, she was more and more isolated.

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The wall, the spirit; The outside, the nature

I chose the wall with alumni's words (at the campus center) as the best representation of Bryn Mawr. I believe it shows our school spirit that has remained for decades, and the words are still enlightening every Bryn Mawr woman passing by. The natural view outside changes rapidly, and the society fluctuates, but Bryn Mawr kept it's original shape by passing on the spirit that encourages her students to be independent and strong, to challenge the authority and to make a difference in this world.


The place I would like to stay, however, was on an edge of the campus near my dorm in Brecon. It was not so high, but it gives me a clear vision of many important components of the campus: the artificial road and lamps, the stairs that I have to climb everyday, the crowded yet scattered green plants, the play field, the seemingly faraway central campus, and people passing by. The scenary I observe from this spot is like a physical "sample" of the campus, including everything I am interested in, and makes my mind become peaceful. I would like to sit here, wondering, observing, thinking...


The inner space of the campus center was indoors, always warmed by light and fulfilled by the school spirit. It has a relatively stable environment created by human.

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Can we really discribe motion without matter?

So...This is not a homework post...(By the way, professor, could you give us a title format, like adding a few words before title, so that we could distinguish our posts for HW and for spontaneous thoughts? )


After Thursday's class, I've been thinking--why we weren't able to escape from the odd trap of using verbal-noun (gerund)?


Personally speaking, I believe it is because the noun is the source of the motion. I mean, the noun produced the motion, right? The motion itself can be describe by one or a few words, like "running", "flying"...etc. I don't know why this quantum physicist was so into this motion-centered idea, and I think it's really not necessary.


In my junior high physics class, my teacher introduced a concept:"motion is eternal while stability is relative." I may have translated it badly--the meaning of the words could be lost easily during translation--because in Chinese this sentence was a poet-like motto. The main idea was that everyone, everything in this universe is moving, and you can only discribe one thing as stable because it can only be stable relative to sth. else. (This may explain why the physicist focus on motion so much.) But everytime we studied a form of motion, accelerated or not, we draw diagrams, and in the diagrams, the major object is represented by a dot, or a square.


Therefore, even in physics, the major object could be represented, but could not be eliminated. Similarly, in language, the noun denotes the thing we are looking at.

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Reflections on Paper One

When I was doing Thoreauvian Walk, I sensed the rhythm of nature by listening to the cicadas' songs and capturing the wind that flowed between my fingers. I felt so peaceful and free, but I also felt that my mind was going blank--it wasn't as amazing as I had imagined.

Then, I decided to walk as usual. I walked from place to place with a destination in mind, and I also enjoyed myself. As for me, I feel I am energetic no matter I walk in which style.

Walking as a freeman was a whole new experience to me, and although I wasn't used to it, the shadow of freedom surrounded me. Walking as a normal person, on the other hand, allowed me to discover the beauty of daily routine.

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Self Introduction and 5-Place Travel Experience

Hi, I am Wanhong Zou. I grew up in Beijing, China, but in official records my hometown is Xi'an. Although I like to stay indoor, I'm feeling excited about exploring the outside world with you! I'm really happy to get to know all of you!

The five places in campus are so different from each other! As for me, I feel happiest around the English House. In fact, before doing this assignment, I had never been to the English House, and I discovered it with amazement. It was surrounded by trees and bushes, and it looked like a small magic house in fairy tales. I went inside, and the light was dim--but it makes me feel so warm. The English House definitely has beautiful scenaries and peaceful atmosphere.

Glass stair case in the Dalton Hall was elegant, but not as attractive as the English House as a place to stay, especially when there were no one around. When I stood beside the stair case today, I felt lonely and a little scared because when I see through the glass windows, I felt like the outside world was far away from me. It was like just me and the stairs staying in a modern, transparent prison. I think it would be better if there were many people around me. I rank the Parking lot as the third comfortable one--although it has the slight gasoline smell and could not receive much sun shine, it has lots of cars that made me feel safe. The Morris woods and Biology Lab (Park Science Room 020) both made me feel bad but in different ways. The Morris Woods were crowded with plants and the trees are so tall that made me feel I was too small.

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