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Instead of shaking in the darkness, I watched the starry scene in front of me. It was six 'o clock, but the sky was already darkened. There were no stars, but there were lights from countless windows far away from me. What I saw didn't seem to be true.

When I first walked into Bryn Mawr, it was a Wonderland to me. Now it still is--the only difference is that I KNOW it is real. No matter during the day or at night, it looked like a place in fantasy. The flowers, trees, and old buildings--yes, those, at day time, not after the dawn.

How many people have sat on the bench, wondering--"why am I here, what do I see?"

The lights were glowing, shining as if they were showing off in the darkness. We still don't want to blend in the night, do we? We need artificial lights to feel safe--we just need that feeling.