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Floating mind

wanhong's picture

I am sitting on the outdoor bench, feeling the cool, autumn wind. I can see my shadow changes with the varying position of the sun and the cloud. For once in my life, I would like to forget about the physics model of earth orbiting around the sun, and believe that the sun is, miraculously, orbiting the world I am living in. This idea warms my heart, as I felt there id always something, someone surrounding me, protecting me, comforting me.


Many students are practicing sports on the playing ground—they are so passionately, enthusiastically in love with what they are doing, and I could not even describe how ridiculous mechanism seems to me. People are doing sports, not because they are programmed to do so. Their instinct is not a CPU, and they are not emotionless robots that mechanically do everything they are told to do. They have soul. They are a part of my sight, my world. They made the playfield full of happiness—they changed, rather than adapted to the surroundings.


They remind me of a girl in my junior middle school. She was a good friend of mine, and I always encouraged her when she got depressed. She was so easy to get depressed, because of her lpw grades, not-so-good appearance, unsatisfying popularity, and so on. She was so easy to be affected by the weather, or other people’s words. Then, when she got depressed, she spread her negative emotions to other people. At first she was sympathized, but after she created a trap of depress for herself, she was more and more isolated. I tried to talk to her and change her view, but it didn’t work so well.


I have put this part of my memory in lock for a long time, but today, when I am sitting in the center of the bushes near Brecon, I recalled this story, and I came up with some new ideas: we have been trying to study the environment, and the environment involved so much—natural environment and social environment both played important roles in our life. The world around us is composed of air, water, plants, people…sometimes we forgot that we are a part of the environment in other people’s lives, and we had the right, responsibility and power to make some change. Why not become the sun—not because the sun is the God—and bring warm feelings to other people?