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Being Pastoral

Susan Anderson's picture

Today, as on every Sunday, I sat at my spot, the labryinth.  It was cold, but it was calm and peaceful as usual.  Afterwards, I went to the town of Bryn Mawr and found even more peace there.  While at my site sit, everything was static.  It seemed that the world froze everything to a standstill.  Even the squirrels were still today, and I enjoyed this moment of pause before I carried on with the rest of my day.  As I crossed under the train station and through intersections, I experienced the same peace of mind I found in my spot echoed in the town of Bryn Mawr.  Except, there was movement.  The cars drove past, people bought things, and the traffic lights changed.  Even though it was a normal day, it all seemed like an ideal, harmonious day in a small American town.  I guess you can be pastoral about any landscape, human or natural.