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What is Swivl?

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Swivl is a robotic platform which can be used for recording presentations or class lectures. Users can connect a smartphone or tablet, or a DSLR camera, and use the free Swivl app to record video of the presentation.

Swivl robot example

Swivl is a service with 3 important components: the robotic base, the free Swivl Capture app for smartphone or tablet, and Swivl Cloud.

The Swivl robotic base can follow the "marker," either held or worn on a lanyard, allowing the instructor or presenter to move around freely and have the camera follow them. The marker conveniently doubles as a wireless microphone and as a remote control for the slides in the Swivl Capture app. Powerpoint slides can be imported to the Swivl app on the smartphone or tablet, which can be used to present while recording video, and facilitate the creation of a video with time-synchronized slides and presenter video. The Swivl Capture app can be used with Swivl Cloud without the Swivl robot, or with the Swivl robot.

"Swivl in Education" from Swivl (on Vimeo).

Swivl Cloud provides secure online video hosting, editing, and sharing services. This allows users to upload videos and store them securely online without having them take up space on their device or computer. Users can also edit videos and easily share them with classes or with a larger audience through Swivl Cloud.

Uses for Swivl:

  • Blended learning or flipped classrooms
  • Lecture capture to allow students to review the lecture or catch up when sick
  • Distance learning or online courses
  • Teacher training and feedback
  • Certification for education degree program students

Learn more: Watch an interview with the founder of Swivl on their focus on educators and presenters.