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Zine Workshop with artist Shing Yin Khor

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Zine Workshop with Artist Shing Yin Khor poster

On Wednesday, April 1st, artist Shing Yin Khor along with Professor Shiamin Kwa  hosted a Zine Workshop in the new Carpenter Media Lab in conjunction with the East Asian Language and Culture course: Everything But the Table (EALC 345). The Carpenter Media Lab was a great new space for digital collaboration as the students quickly got to work making their own zines within one hour with art supplies scattering the tables. 

Though much of Khor's work is printed or sculpted, the internet has become a gamechanger for artists like Khor. Through fundraising platforms like Patreon, artists of all kinds can create sponsorships where their fans can give monetary support in order to receive exclusive blog posts and updates as well as gifts and subscriptions. Furthermore, publishing platforms such as Issuu have made it easier to share zines and publications digitally.

For students in EALC 345, making zines and having the opportunity to meet with Khor were great ways to start their creative projects where many of them are creating zines or cartoons pertaining to food and culture.After the one hour time limit was up, it was time to mass distribute the zines. As Khor explained during the workshop, part of zine culture is to share and trade zines. Khor even brought several of the zines that she created or publishes through her micropress, Sawdust Press as an example of sharing and trading.

If you missed this great event, please join us this Wednesday from 12-2pm in the Quita Woodward room with artist and author, Sarah Becan