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Science inquiry

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I'm Barbara Kauffman, a "sort of new" 4th Grade Classroom Teacher at Feltonville Intermediate School. Prior to teaching, I was a social worker. My co-worker, Tola Oronti, encouraged me to come to Bryn Mawr for this institute. We have co-taught science lessons together such as ones in the units of "Land & Water" and "Magnetism." I have a limited experience teaching science, however, I enjoy teaching many topics across the curriculum. Today's School District of Philadelphia students are bright and excitable and I want to keep up with their enthusiam when it comes to science inquiry. I think everyone has something to offer so we can all learn from one another!


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Judith's Watershed Presentation

         It was refreshing to hear about the environmental learning that goes on inside (and outside) Judith Odom's classes in Chester High School.  My co-worker, Tola Oronti & I have covered some of the basic concepts that Judith offered her 8th graders in our SDP Land & Water unit. Our students & I were especially enthusiastic about working in cooperative groups.  We have a spiraling curriculum and students can build on their learning more and more each year.                      

       Judith explained that her students assume roles/responsibilities in researching, writing, reporting, gathering materials, & recording information. I was impressed to learn that Judith's students had several opportunities to go on trips to an actual watershed, too.  Her students were able to gather samples of water and conduct tests for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and PH levels.  I'm hopeful that my students could someday have the same opportunities to take trips outside of the classroom to learn about their environment. Judith shared valuable information with us about the Environmental Protection Agency website. I agree with the idea of "No child left behind, however, I also agree with a slogan she mention from the EPA re: "No child left inside!" Visits, such as the ones Judith's classes have taken to a watershed, are valuable tools for teaching students about their world outside of the "concrete" environment!