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Alex and Hannah's Teach-in script

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ESEM project.doc30 KB


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Teach-In Script

Thanks guys! Unfortunately, we were unable to post the powerpoint, but some of the photos we used can be found on posts from our nature sites. 

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I agree with everyone else

I agree with everyone else this was so awesome, and really creative. I enjoyed it a lot. 

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I stumbled upon this while

I stumbled upon this while putting off my own work. It's really fantasticly done. I don't know the curriculum of your class or the prompt for this project but you definitely hit on some things I've been feeling for a while now. 

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I agree with Sarah! It would be great if you could put up the photos as well!

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Alex and Hannah, this is just beautiful. Really well done. Love it. Free-flowing, and coherent, and touching, and complete.