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An Addition to the meaning of Community: Kabar

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I saw the word "community" a few times in a few posts like those of Nan and Rachel, I just wanted to share this song (music and meaning of lyrics) as I feel it may add to our discussion and musings on that term.

Originally from a small island neighboring Madagascar known as Reunion, Davy Sicard sings of “Maloya Kabose” – “a gentle reminiscence of generosity and hospitality given, Sicard paints an intimate picture of the bonds which hold a community together and the culture that sustains each member.”

Lyrical Translation (French into English): “You saw light that you came closer to see, you saw that it was open and you came in, we didn’t try to find out your history, or to know who you were, we simply told you that it wasn’t that important but to come and eat a little something”

“Kabar for a talk about life as a tribute to celebrate. A Kabar where things end up, meet. A Kabar as an invitation, a message of peace submitted to the chances of paths of life for anyone who wants it, while others choose a bottle to lock up their distress or their wishes and leave their few words wander in a sea of hope until they find a sensitive and generous soul. A Kabar for last words, the very ones who do not always come at the crucial moment as they collapse under the weight of the sentence, but that sometimes arise later, without warning. A Kabar Between you and me.” (From Davy Sicards Official Site)

Kabar is a word from Madagascar. It means a kind of spiritual, communal meeting, discussion of various topics related to what happens in the village society, a coming together of all peoples.



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Translating a Song

Hey Sruthi, is this Creole?  It's beautiful, and I am trying to listen, even with translation in hand, even thinking I usually understand the French language, and here I only understand occasional fragmented words.  So I surrender to the wholeness, to the beauty and hospitality of the music of Davy Sicard's song and the intent of the translation.  Thanks for inviting us to the table.