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SJ Fowler

My work with Poem Brut has been in its curating, in publishing a series of books and in presenting a series of performances. If I see any of that activity as my commission, it is my performances, to be found These live works form a body of work exploring the principles of the project in living space. What is a mess between people? What is a conversation relating against its own expectation?

Patrick Cosgrove

Since 2017 I have had the privilege of being involved with Steve Fowler’s Poem Brut project. Alongside exhibiting works, I have engaged in performances exploring the interaction of material, sound and semi-ritualistic processes. Originally no conscious intent or theoretical agenda lay behind them - what drove these performances was instinct, affect and an inclination towards uncensored creation.

Ali Graham

My Poem Brut commission will consist of an essay and a performance, and each of these will be a ground for exploring genres of speech, customer service, embarrassment, and interruption. Time spent working in customer service (and writing whilst on shift) has alerted me to the variations in speech, the affects specific to such an environment, particularly embarrassment, annoyance and boredom. In service industry jobs, there is a great deal of forced speech; a need to at times speak unnaturally, and at others hold back your words. 

Who Are Serendipians to You?

Serendip co-founder Paul Grobstein wrote that, ‘both science itself, and the human culture of which it is a part, would benefit from a story of science that encourages wider engagement with and participation in the processes of scientific exploration.’ As a digital ecosystem, it is committed to offering a nonhierarchical environment for collaboration between artists, doctors, scientists, students, teachers, and the general public.

Twin Cultures

Serendip is rooted in the belief that the humanities and natural sciences are twin cultures, not two cultures as CP Snow argued. It is a gathering place for people interested in sharing their observations about the implications of humanities for the natural sciences and the implications of the natural sciences for the humanities.