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Sociable Media: A Self-Reflexive by Addison Conn

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Hi Addison!

I really loved your sculpture and how you were able to tie it to themes in our class. I feel that social media can both be a great tool for activists, artists, and creators with disabilities, but as you illustrate, it can also be an instrument for enfreaking individuals and turning them into a spectacle. I have often wondered about how content that is made to normalize disabled bodies and the experience of living with disablities gets twisted and turned into "inspiration porn" and an excuse for voyeurism. I am not very familiar with how the algorithm works, but as you suggest it seems there must be a way to limit this voyeuristic response. I am so happy that you explored this topic. It is so important given the role that technology and social media play in our lives, especially as a soure of connection during the pandemic. Also great job including the image description, I really appreciate how you made your art as accessible as possible :)

P.S. The time and "painstaking process" of creating the waves really paid off!!! They look great and really do evoke a feeling of a tsunami of content!