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Is Being Reactive Enough? An In-Depth Look at the Accessibility of Haverford College

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I am writing about web accessibility and just being reactive is a problem that exists online. Here's an excerpt from something I was reading earlier:

"Much of the physical realm is more accommodating today than it was in 1990. There are fewer inaccessible stairs or swimming pools. More television shows are required to be captioned. The blind are offered alternative ways to fill out ballots. But the disabled community continues to struggle online.

Just take the experience of deaf actress Marlee Matlin, who was surprised to find in 2008 that most networks were posting their videos online without closed captioning — even when it was mandated for broadcast. She began pushing for it online, too — but it took six years for the FCC to begin cracking down and requiring networks to provide quality captioned content. Even now, violations of the rules still are only investigated after viewer complaints."