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CCW Schedule

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Week of March 21: at CCW  EXCEPT FRIDAY 3/24, WHEN IT'S CLOSED 

Week of March 28: at Haverford: initial meeting place lobby of Campus Center, then visit special trees on campus and end up in one of these rooms for a conversation/workshop with Natalie:
     Wednesday: Swarthmore Room, right side of the Dining Center in the back
     Thursday: MCC (Multicultural Center), Stokes 106 (down the hall from our classroom)
     Friday: MCC (Multicultural Center), Stokes 106 (down the hall from our classroom)
     CCW participants will bring their own lunches; you can eat in MCC, Swarthmore Room, or if      the weather is nice, outdoors   
Week of April 4: at CCW
Week of April 11: Work on exhibition (at CCW or Haverford?)
Week of April 18: Install exhibition at Haverford
Weekend of April 22-24 Finish installing exhibition
Week of April 25: Exhibition is up as of Monday 4/25
Thursday, April 28: Opening Reception!  Everyone Invited! (either 4-6 or 6-8)
Exhibition remains up until May 9, possibly until May 16