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Ideas and A Question

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1. If you think about the environment "objectively," you're just deceiving yourself and depriving the earth of the agency it used to be given. Semiotics and philosophy have made this seem like this is a viable way of going about environmental studies and storytelling, but Latour thinks that it is a dangerous act. 

2. Science has to be reimagined so that there is not a "natural world" that is separate from the world at large. The Earth can be reworked and reimagined through the establishment of a new social contract that distributes agency to among the natural and the social. Latour suggests that this can happen if we find a way to ground objects and subjects that are currently deanimated and overanimated.

3. The actants in our common geostory must be active and mobile to be able to tell it, to have meaning in it. Giving agency to the Earth is a way to return it to subjectivity, I think.

Question: How do we reimagine science to become more subjective?