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Cohen Course Notes

Cutting Holes in Your Head

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According to Greek mythology, Poena was the spirit of punishment.  She was the assistant of Nemesis, the Greek goddess of revenge and they were set on this Earth to punish any mortal who had angered the gods. The word “pain” originates from the latin word poena meaning penalty. The original definition of the word pain is “suffering inflicted as punishment for an offence.” Although today we understand pain to be an emotion we have regardless of whether or not we did anything to deserve it. 

Jody's notes, day 6

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I. coursekeeping
* re-schedule Jackie, Letty, Ayesha next wed. – earlier/later?
* we’ve been thinking together this week/will talk today about “slippages,” all those unpredictable, dark, and playful aspects of our unconscious…
For the next two weeks, we'll be exploring play, as a particular mode of engaged in these less intended, less censored aspects of our experience

By 5 p.m. Mon, 9/21: fourth short posting, describing your childhood experience of play.

For Tuesday's class, read three short essays on-line:
Robin Henig, Taking Play Seriously,

Jody's notes, Day 3

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I. coursekeeping
verify conference schedule – resched letty
send papers to us on an e-mail, attached as word doc & with "Name2" as title; also post on-line, tagged as "web paper"--> not as attached docs, which aren't searchable;
--talk about writing these first papers: technically, emotionally, intellectually?

II. for today, we asked you to read Mary Louise Pratt's 1991 essay,
Arts of the Contact Zone

ESem day 2

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I. welcome back! our avatars are oblique/evocative “representations” of ourselves, not what you will see in the class photos on BiONic, for example, and worth exploring for a few minutes, so...

Go ‘round and play “picture bingo”—identify your classmates by their avatars...what are you learning about them thereby?  take a moment to get (@ least some! of) the stories behind the pictures

what did you learn? any surprises? was everyone recognizable? (needing back stories, more explanations?)

course notes day 1

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set up Taylor F & G, w/ chairs in rows, podium up front

  first college class?
"read" the room: make some notes of what you see (hear? touch? smell?): walk around, describe environment:  if short story, what about setting?  what traces of history? architecture?
other details-and-organisms in the room...?  pay attention to what's tactile and emotional, not just visual...