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CWC vs. SE: Scans..Explanations... Draft

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For the past few weeks, I have shifted my way of writing/thinking about writing/thinking by channeling everything into my journal. I have been sending scans to Anne of my thought processes throughout the drafting process, and it has helped tremendously. The only downside to this is that I have only been sharing them with Anne. I thought I would try to share this week's thoughts on my blog with the hopes of getting back into the feedback loop. I hope this post might help everyone to break from the traditional confines of a writing assignment as, I'm sure we all know by this point, Anne is more than open to trying something new. 


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i'm really glad to have some of your scans available for your classmates to see, bluish; i'm hoping it will open up some possibilities for others. last year, another frosh scanned her brainstormin' and rough ideas in a way that showed how associative the process could be, keeping it from getting too linear too soon...

which leaves us, this week, where...?

how does it help us to know (say) about Nietzsche's concept of the 'self-overcoming man,' what he called that 'craving for an ever new widening of distances within the soul itself'?

(that 'within' is grabbing me now...)

might it be useful to apply his orientation--which he aimed @ the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality--to the data being gathered, and questions being asked, by science today? maybe there's a paper emerging here that puts Nietzsche into conversation with Kolbert? might existentialism prove helpful in our facing the realities of the world we live in now? can it revitalize the environmental movement?

or is this another case of turning to the past in ways that limit the future? of looking to genealogy, to history, to philosophy, for responses that may be inadequate to the present and future?