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Paper #10 Brainstormin

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I'm thinking that for this paper I'll probably be connecting Kolbert to All Over Creation. I'd mostly be taking ideas from Rose the first chapter and "The New Pangaea" regarding invasive species and its effect on homogenizing global biodiversity. In AOC, there's a passage from one of the Fuller's seed catalogs, where Lloyd talks about "exotic" plants. He believes that bringing over foreign plants increases biological diversity and health, and that anti-exoticism is anti-life. Similarly, TSE says how most Americans import non-native species that "might prove useful or interesting". This might be some sort of human characteristic ingrained in all of us, to spread (like manifest destiny?) and to collect diverse varieties of things (that may or may not be the direction I take this paper).

Unfortunately, without careful introduction, people get careless, and that's when things go sour. Because of humans, lethal fungi have spread to places where it never should have grown, killing off millions of frogs and bats. Moreover, the introduction of "exotics" actually decreases diversity on a global scale, since these invasive species kills off the native ones.


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So I’m going with Rose  as the “crack” here. See what I said to her and I’ll hook y’all up to talk together in class tomorrow. Maybe these are two papers, or maybe they are one? Whichever--I’m really liking this direction of thought that you both are taking...