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Even though our choices may not affect the outcome of a certain event, ie, a presidential election, studying for an exam, I believe our choices holds intrinsic value, meaning that  our choices have personal value when we decide to stand for something. For example, in light of the recent election, even though her vote in the election may not have influenced the outcome of the election, she still felt ecstatic in being able to participate in an event that she personally cared a lot about. This event held personal significance, it did not concern her what the outcome was necessarily, rather that she had the opportunity to be part of something that would resonate in political history in years to come. However, on the other hand, if every individual felt that one’s vote in the election did not matter, one could see how an individuals decision could collectively impact the outcome of the election. So in my opinion, every choice holds value, whether to the vast majority, or to the individual; one’s choice is significant.