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What Transpired (X Series)

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He is solid wood

Seasoned with wind and fighting

To light sodden logs

Bright is life and death is steam

Fire alarm am I. 


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first of many

So won't you offer up some of these interpretations???  Does it bother you that this work admitts multiple interpretations?  Is it somehow unsatisfying?  How do you understand the relationship between the two characters?

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I am having a hard time answering these questions because I know you and I know who the characters are. I cannot say how I would understand the relationship between the characters or how I would interpret the poem if I didn't know these things. It's not possible for me to read this as though I didn't already have some background information. I don't know if this fact is leading me to have more interpretations of the poem than I otherwise would if I didn't have this knowledge of who it is about.

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I've read this poem a number of times in the past few days. Each time I have read it I have a different interpretation. It could mean many things. Granted, I have a vivid imagination and I can frequently be a little slow, but on the other hand many would say that is the true nature of art.