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Full Hunger Moon

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Silent within, dead still about.
Prone and alone,
Awake and without.
The pump pulls water from the ground, a sound,
Three thirty resolutely rolls around.
A fear, unclear; my souvenir,
Springtide strong-arm seclusion, unbound.


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"awake and without"

I like this -- I like how without could mean outside or lacking (but it could be lacking a burden).

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Full Hunger Moon

I'm curious about the juxtaposition of full and hunger in the title.  That is a lot of conflict to pack into a three-word phrase. 

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full hunger moon

Native American tribes had a different name for each full moon. The recent full moon was known by different tribes as either the full snow moon, the full hunger moon, or the full bony moon. The December full moon was known by some tribes as the full cold moon, I wrote about that one too.

I hadn't thought about the juxtaposition of these words. I suppose I could call it simply "Hunger Moon", but the fact that it is a full moon is important to the meaning of the poem, the theme of hunger is important as well.