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Women and the Wilderness

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“Black Women and the Wilderness” by Evelyn White reminded me of something that I briefly mentioned during a conversation in class at the beginning of the semester; that it is harder for women to go outside and feel free and safe in nature. The reason that this is, is the same reason for us as it was for Evelyn White and other black women at her time. Because of the imbalance of power between men and women or white and black, women and especially black women need to worry about their safety when they are in the wilderness and do not have the protection of a locked door, their friends, and their family. I feel really strongly about wanting to change this because all people deserve to feel like they can live comfortably in our natural environment and explore the earth. 



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I think I remember this comment of yours

I agree that relatively powerless people tend to be less brave compared to more powerful counterparts in the same situation. This is not just an issue of accessibility of wilderness. We are better at solving natural challenges. Thoughout human civilization, we have developed all types of tools for us to combat with physical enemies. For us and Evelyn White, the real obstacle comes from other people, which forms a psychological barrier. It is very hard to say this type of powerlessness is a cause or an effect of the limited access to nature (or everything else). The difference between gender and race are too obvious to be eliminated, however, we could ignore the hierachy shaped by this difference. Inner strength may have a long-term effect to help currently disadvantaged groups.

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I hope I didn't post this in

I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place, I'm still a little confused about how to post things on this website.