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Watch out and Enjoy

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I did not expect such a dramatic, unpleasant yet amusing experience for the last site sit for our ESem. I planned on taking pictures from faraway and close up since most of the time I stayed just at the Labyrinth, which is a rather confined space. I wanted to step back and look at the Labyrinth, in hopes to see something new. I started from the Campus Center and then crossed the Senior Row and reached the Labyrinth. I have always had hard time to orient myself in the area around the Labyrinth. From looking far away, I realized actually it was a very small space. It was the trees and slopes disguised the Labyrinth, making it seem to be sophisticated and unapproachable. I was so absorbed in the walk. Even winter is the season for lives, I could perce the activities going on of the creatures around me.
Maybe I was not outdoorsy enough to manage taking photo and walking on the muddy ground at the same time in a rainy day. Yes I slipped over and fell to the ground when I walked downhill...Obviously I did not feel so well. But I was not frustrated by this little accident - that must be my closest moment to the nature during this semester's site sit! I sat on the ground, looked up to the trees and the sky ,and thought there must be no way to escape from the control of nature and my unpredictable life...

Figure 1. Towards Canaday. Different strategies of trees in winter.

Figure 2. Raindrop on the tree branches

Figure 3. Labyrinth hid behind the trees.

Figure 4. The Bryn Mawr Labyrinth.

Figure 5. They are taller than they seem to be.



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close to the earth

Thanks for sharing, and for your lovely photos. Especially no 2 and no 4. I too love and hate that feeling of coming unexpectedly, accidentally down to earth...

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At this point, I really think

At this point, I really think no words may substitute pictures(visual representations)/experience to convey what one see. (And lol for the accident...)