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Wandering through a Midnight Ocean

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 My first experience of the Bryn Mawr Labyrinth was around midnight last year. I was enjoying the last few moments with my dear friend Ellen, before she left for her home country for winter break. We wandered around campus in a late-night walk, noticing the darkness around us and the slight chill in the breeze. We neared the labyrinth and I turned to Ellen and asked her if she wanted to walk the path together. She agreed and so we proceeded to stand in the labyrinth's beginning. The stars above were clearly visible and I could feel tingling in my skin - I knew something special was about to happen. I took the lead and stepped before Ellen, walking in the deep grooves of the path - I was led essentially by darkness as the path had a depression relative to the normal ground and very little light entered the grooves of the path at this time of the night (and with relatively few lampposts nearby). I felt as though I was walking through an ocean, not a labyrinth. I felt excitement and was enthralled at seeing my feet disappear into the darkness of the path's depression as I continued forward. I could sense Ellen's presence and being, following close behind. I felt as though I were walking into the unknown as I stepped into the darkness and the unfamiliar but I was also with comfort and safety by having Ellen close by - someone I trust, someone I feel safe with. As we completed the entire path - some moments in silence and others in exuberance and laughter as we made jokes as usual - the energy of the journey was palpable. This was something sacred. This was something special. It's indescribable but liberating. I felt revived and reassured of the magnificence of this universe. Who knew that something as simple as watching my feet disappear into a midnight ocean with a dear companion nearby would be life-changing.


These are the moments that I long for in my journey alongside Earth - these moments of utter wonder and speechlessness at her magnificence and at the discovery (or remembering perhaps) of our secret connection - making every risk and unfamiliar descent into the unknown a journey worth taking. After rediscovering the significance of the labyrinth earlier this year and the history of its creation, I am inspired to explore more about this unique specimen of campus and experience it in different ways and then represent my experiences. I will be visiting the labyrinth as my new chosen site.