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rcf lesson plan for oct. 25

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RCF class, 10/25/13:

Materials: name tags, books, pads, pencils, large paper (3 sheets), tape, paper 8x11 (20 sheets), markers, crayons


1.  SARA? Introductions:  Each person names herself and says something about why she's here.


SARA/JODY? What was your experience of the book?


2.  SASHA: We get into pairs (being mindful of who has done reading, how much, etc., so that everyone at least works with someone who's done the reading).

Partners each share a section of the book that stood out for them in some way - had energy, surprised them, liked or didn't like... 

Then we come back and each pair shares one word that for them describes the whole.


3. HAYLEY: At the end of last class, we talked about title "A Taste of Power" and asked you to find "power" in the book, write 3 pages on that.

Where did you see power in this text?  If you wrote, can read part of that or just speak from it, otherwise from reading and conversation we just had...  (should we go around circle for everyone to speak on this?)

Then:  move from examples from text - and from lives - to do some defining of power.

As we do this, one of us creates a web about power on large sheet of paper.SASHA


4.  SARA?  Now we're going to come at the question of power in a different way - asking all of us to take a sheet of paper and draw an image of what power looks like.  This could be an actual representation of something powerful or it could be more feeling-based... and you can look at the pictures in the book for ideas, e.g. how someone's stance might show power. 

Then share these and organize in some way, using the web we created earlier as a basis.

Then step back and ask people what they're seeing - ?


5.  JODY Give people who did the writing for today the opportunity to trade with someone, and we bring back responses.


HW:  assign 'a woman's revolution,' chap. 17 (and also read whatever else you want).  we've talked today about power...clearly gender impacts that - think about power, add gender.  write three pages about this.


THOUGHTS about picking next book?


Other FEEDBACK on how class is going and what you'd like to do here?




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could we also

talk about this (among ourselves, i mean)?