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Towards Day 24 (Mon, Dec.3): Rambling Toward Restoration

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Here's the map
to show you where we're going.
And here's the plan:
We will gather @ the BMC campus center by 1:10 to walk together to Ashbridge Park
1:25-1:30: sara.gladwin, ekthorp, sarahj open our shared event
1:30-1:45: eetong, graham locate us @ the site via some history
1:45-2:00: hira, smacholdt share some poetry
2:00-2:15: froggies315, srucara supply food to fuel each of our wandering off on our own...
2:15-2:20: sara.gladwin, ekthorp, sarahj call us together to close the event, and we return to campus

before and after the day (on-line and/or in class):
rachelr, mturer reflect (and lead us in reflecting...) on what happened....

rachelr: reflection
mturer: trip reflection