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Tiger Striped Crescent

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Your raw words: butter,

Flour, eggs, salt, yeast, water


Into the oven

Sacrificing small lives for art at 400O

In the heat, butter creates air

Texture is born


Air             Pastry

Air            Pastry                        Air

A pastry of a poem

Good morning moon


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tiger tiger?

These mysterious and good-smelling (but can I trust it??) poems are tasty to read.  Associate for me with Hanzel and Gretel.  This baking is coming at some cost?  Coming to morning is an attainment?

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small lives

I'm imagining the time it takes to make home-made croissants.  Quite an investment in time.  The sacrifice of all other things one might be doing, all other sorts of living.  Croissants, like poetry, seem to require a single minded devotion.  Or do they?  Is this poem, possibly about the cross over between croissants and poems?  Transliterature? 

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I have to ask, did reading

I have to ask, did reading these poems make you crave a croissant?

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Tiger Striped Crescent (crescent)