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House M.D. :Down the Rabbit Hole

Play House Bingo while reading our script!

House Bingo


Here is the script for our performance today of House M.D.


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Overarching Themes and Big Questions

 The huge theme of "Private Lives" was, well, about lives (and parts of lives) that were no longer private. Frankie blogged about everything, including her medical options. Her audience was permitted to know everything (almost) about her. In the end, it was something very personal that Frankie had not shared with anyone, online or not, that saved her life. House, on the other hand, was an unwanted voyeur in Wilson's past (and private) life, imitating Frankie in posting Wilson's secret throughout the hospital. On the other hand, when Wilson finds out that House is reading sermons written by his biological father, he keeps it to himself, privately discussing the matter with House rather than revenging himself  by announcing it publicly. 

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