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Storytelling as Inquiry

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Mini-Project: "Is That All There Is? (Science as an Exploration of Education and Life as Open Ended

Let's Begin.           Some years have passed but I am able to recall being in a high school Science class and being expected to perform an experiment within a group.  We were expected to determine the "correct answers" to the questions at the end of the lesson.  These questions were intended as tests to determine if we properly performed each experiment correctly, according to predetermined written directions.  Some questions were essay and some were multiple choice.                                 

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my first fairytale!!!!

Godly Delusions

A woman with child found an ascetic outside her home, the unkempt 

man dressed in rags appeared to be meditating next to her door steps. 

Understanding his sacred duty she did not dare disturb him, but as the woman 

was coming down the steps her foot slipped, and down she landed on top of 

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As Wicked as it May Seem

The impulse to find a place of belonging somewhere within in the vastly complex and diverse societies of the world, for me, appears as a subtle, yet constant tug on the outskirts of my consciousness.  This daunting sensation is one that seems to linger within the unconscious tendencies of individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, for every culture develops an array of subcultures and countercultures, and sometimes even sub-subcultures and counter-countercultures. The punk rock scene is no exception to this pattern. It arose within a subculture, forming its own counterculture, which then spurred the creation of multiple subcultures that, in turn, gave rise to

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Connecting Through an Unconscious Reality

Connecting Through an Unconscious Reality


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“Applause:” the primary expression of approval

When I first auditioned for Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, I had no idea what to expect. From what I had read, the play seemed a little strange, and from what I had heard about the theater department, Mark Lord was going to do something completely crazy with it. But I’m always up for a challenge, and once I got into the cast, I committed myself one hundred percent to the work. But something just wasn’t clicking. I didn’t quite understand my role and I definitely didn’t understand the play. Time

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A Gigantic Wave


Joo Park

A Gigantic Wave

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Do You Remember That Moment?


Joo Park

The last paper on tacit understanding

Do You Remember That Moment?

Paul: Hold your horses.

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The Big Questions Reside in Our Unconscious, Yet are Rarely Answered

What is the meaning of life, why are we here and why does Earth exist.  These are three of the big questions lingering in the world of philosophy and no one can answer them.  However, when we begin to question our own existence, we try to answer them through our unconscious minds.

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Caution! (it's more than you think)


(it’s more than you think)


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Our Biases

Here is the site that the tests are based on, you should take a few of them. It tests your lapse, so make sure you get the answers right because if there are too many wrongs it will give a bad answer....just go to the site:

Our Biases

Corey Arterian

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