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A Gigantic Wave

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Joo Park

A Gigantic Wave

When Mr. Earth came into my office again, I realized right away that he was in bad shape.  He said he was becoming bald, and was having a marital problem with Mrs. Moon.   I took a look at his forehead, and confirmed that he had significant hair loss—in this case, loss of ozonesphere.  There were large holes here and there.  I could have prescribed him a hair restorer.  However, I wanted to set the patient’s mind right, rather than temporarily suppressing  the superficial problem.  I was convinced that if I did not enlighten his mind, he would have other problems again shortly.  I decided to tell him about my best friend, Universe, who is calm like water and everlasting like love.

I:  I met him through the aid of a frequency he sent to me while on meditation.  I felt exactly what he was           feeling because we were on the same heart beat.  He introduced two aspects of his nature:  balance, and uncertainty.

Earth:  Could you tell me more about each of those?

I:  He was a big muscle, so to speak.  He tends to repeat contracting and relaxing like a human’s heart, liver, stomach, and intestine.  I asked him why, and he said it was for the sake of keeping himself in balance.

Earth:  Why is it such a big deal to your friend to be in balance?

I:  Because he is stable that way.  In other words, he feels happy and healthy.  He told me that his musclelike movement is parallel to our constant attracting and releasing.  We attract the pieces of like-ourselves in a definite form and spread back out our energy like a wave.  But do you think the starting point of the wave is the same at any time?

Earth:  No, it’s different.  I guess there is no absolute origin of the wave.  The wave can start anywhere as long as a gravel is thrown onto the surface of the water.

I:  You’re right.  What would that allude to?  Consider the case of Square in Flatland.  He finds his identity relative to the existence of multi-dimensions.  After gaining a purpose for his existence, he starts to think for himself.  He does not describe his world as mundane any longer because he has found his mission:  retelling a story to people with his unique experience and insight.  He once had no life but now he succeeds in configuring himself in right order by revising people’s long-held beliefs. 

Earth:  Your description assures me that he was redefining himself.  Is it right?

I:  That’s right!  How about Galileo?  What did he do to redefine himself as a famous scientist?

Earth:  He retold the geocentric story to a heliocentric one.

I:  What else did he do to sell the telescope so that he could pay the bills?

Earth:  He lied that it was his own invention.  But how are these relative to my becoming bald and my depression?  Are you really trying to help me or confuse me?

I:  It’s the process of healing.  Be patient.  Be calm like the Universe, my dear.  Let me tell you the second nature of my best friend, Universe.

Earth:  Okay, please go on.

I:  The second personality of Universe is uncertainty.  As you well know, yesterday’s you is not the same as today’s you.  You are constantly changing.  So who are you? 

Earth:  I am a star.

I:  No, I mean who really are you?  If you follow the existence of a skyhook, then you are a star who is there to compose the collection of numerous stars in the darkness.  But not considering that, can you tell me in one word who you are?

Earth:  No, it’s impossible because as you said I’m different everyday.

I:  Right.  Let me tell you a fun fact.  You know how a human’s eye can see only the outside of the human?  He can see everything but not himself.  He has no idea what his heart looks like, or his hemoglobin.  He cannot be said to be omniscient because he does not know about himself.  The obvious reason for that is because there is no nerve fibre on the back of eyeballs.  This is the consequence of the nature of uncertainty.  So how could you be sure that what you are seeing in front of you is the right thing when every individual is uncertain of himself? 

Earth:  It’s uncertain, indeed.  Is that why we change our stories?

I:  Correct.  We have the right to change our stories in order to better redefine ourselves.  Darwin also redefined himself with his assertion of Natural Selection.  It ran counter to the preexistent creed in which there is a god, or a creator.  As you know, Natural Selection through descent with modification does not involve a heart, mind, or goal.  But Darwin kept his voice against tradition because that’s what he got from his observations, and experiences during his life. 

Earth:  Oh… so his empirical thoughts were the starting point of the wave that I mentioned before. 

I:  Right because those are the most trustworthy for him and the great source to retell a story.  Through the origin of the wave, Darwin was reorientating his identity.  So now, back to your problem…

Earth:  Yes, please. 

I:  What did you get out of my long conversation with you?

Earth:  Well, It seems like you are encouraging me to redefine myself with my wife, and my hair loss.

I:  Yes, I want you to keep changing the starting point of the waves that you are going to encounter in your life.  Here is my prescription.  Vividly tell your wife how you guys first met each other, and win her heart again.  You need to tell revise your story.  I mean from the original story in which you were upset at your wife last night to the revision in which you passionately love your wife. 

Earth:  I don’t think I need another prescription for my hair loss.  I know what to do.  I will bravely stand up in front of mirror, and give the most confident smile back to myself. 

I:  YES!! Because you are not the same as yesterday.  Your story, no matter how grim it is, can be retold!! 

Earth:  Thank you, Dr. Park.  I feel special now.  I am going to be a gigantic wave because I’m confident.


I saw him walking out of my office.  Every step he took was truly lively and young.  I wished him the best luck.