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Violating Language

Sara Gladwin

Critical Feminist Studies Final Paper

Anne Dalke



Violating Language

As I was reading a chapter in the book “Feminism is for Everybody” by Bell Hooks, I became inspired to start thinking about the ways in which language was used in the classroom and what effect changing that dialogue would have on classroom experience. I became interested in exploring how language could be used to alter the classroom to become a more inclusive place, where silenced voices are able to have the opportunity to be heard.  Hopefully I could find a way that the classroom could validate students experiences instead of conditioning students to filter out certain parts of their lives from the classroom.

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The 99: A More Inclusive World

“Who are the 99?

An ever-growing team of specially powered young people. The 99 prevent disasters, help people in need, and perform good deeds under the banner of the 99 Steps Foundation.

What are the Noor Stones?

Each member of the 99 bears a Noor Stone- an ancient gem of power. Forged out of the destruction of ancient Baghdad, the Noor Stones were created to preserve the wisdom of the ages. When bonded with a specific young person, each gem grants him or her a different gift of power”

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Are Feminist Allowed to be Funny?

What's Feminism?
Feminism was never something I thought much about.  It wasn't a prominent issue until I came to Bryn Mawr.  After a semester here, I felt that I needed to get rid of my naive notion that feminism was a two sided coin.  It wasn't one way or another, feminist or not.  I wanted a more personal definition as to what feminism was and where I fit in the scheme of things which is why I decided to take this course.  Critical Feminist Issues is the first course I've taken that is specifically about feminism.  My experience with this class have been paradoxical thus far.  More questions are raised than answered and the lines of feminism are getting blurred and yet I still feel like I'm getting a better idea as to where I fit into feminism and developing my own definition.
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Loss of Virginity or Withdrawal Symptoms?

While reading The Goblin Market, I had trouble deciding whether the poem was about the events surrounding a girl's first sexual experience or an encounter with addictive substances. I felt it easily went both ways.

But sat down listless in the chimney-nook
And would not eat.

Laura's whole personality has changed at this point in the poem either from sex or drug withdrawal. 

Then sat up in a passionate yearning,
And gnashed her teeth for baulked desire, and wept
As if her heart would break.

Again, this line is ambiguous and, I felt, could be interpreted both ways.  Laura could be experiencing a serious desire to have sex again or she could be desperatly wanting to fulfill her next drug fix. 

Either way, I saw The Goblin Market as a cautionary tale for all types of addictions.  Whether it be a sexual addiction or substance abuse, the general plot of The Goblin Market could be applied to all sorts of addictions. 

Perhaps sexual and drug addiction were a focus because they were prominent during the time the poem was written?



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Biological Discourse and Rape Culture at Haverford College


“The sperm is inevitably characterized in a narrative of virility, aggression, and mobility.  Eggs are… well, your basic egg is usually described as a combination of Sleeping Beauty and a sitting duck.  Plump, round, and receptive, it waits—passive and helpless—for the sperm to throw itself upon her moist, quivering membranes.  The sperm push furiously at [the] inert egg until one of them finally penetrates deep into the warm, defenseless tissue.”

-Richi Wilkins, Queer Theory Gender Theory


Resources for "Judy's Revenge"

Resources for our contemporary feminist
of the Punch and Judy Show

Our shared background: discussions about
evolution and feminism at Bryn Mawr

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Critical Feminist Studies Paper #3: Feminism and Healthcare

Katie Scire 

Intro Critical Feminist Paper # 3 


                                              Feminism and Health Care 


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Gender and Religion in Middlesex: An Unorthodox Treatment of Gender Identity

Gender and Religion in Middlesex: An Unorthodox Treatment of Gender Identity


It was all around me from the beginning, the weight of female suffering, with its biblical justification and vanishing acts. (Eugenides 215)


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