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Strawberry Activity Clip 1

Strawberry Activity Clip 2

Strawberry Activity Clip 3

Strawberry Activity Clip 4


Videos by Institute Participants:

Franklin, Wil


Albers, Teresa


Bronstein, Alan


Dorfman, Susan H.


Henderson, Cynthia


Hubert-Theriot, Joyce E.


Kauffman, Barbara


Lockett, Deesha L.


Lucas-Odom, Judith

  • Judith's Movie


Marine, Jack


Oronti, Ayotola O.


Oronti, Babtunde A.


O'Fee-Powers, Diane

  • Diane's Movie


cynthia's picture

papermaking and proposal

Papermaking lends itself to several content areas of the curriculum.Papermaking also encourages peer interaction in developmental areas.We were also exposed to different plant fibers under a microscope.This project would be quite useful in the classroom.Individual creativity may be enhanced.

Cynthia Henderson's picture

Strawberry DNA

Every livivg thing has DNA.Strawberries like to duplicate themselves.We may use other fruits and vegetables as well to extract DNA.Would Jurassic Park be helpful in determining DNA?How so?

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