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Week 2

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 In our discussion group on Thursday, we brought up the topic of our willingness (or unwillingness) to change our thoughts and/or opinions about something we believe in. Many of us agreed that we are usually hesitant to change what we think- or rather, that we are hesitant to disclose the fact that our views and opinions of something we passionately believed in have in fact changed (this alludes to a "debate example" that was said in class). And I admit, I am guilty of this too.  With this thought in mind, it can be deduced that we choose to veil certain signs of weakness, that we feel we must maintain a certain "I'm right and you're wrong" persona. I find this characteristic of ours a bit ironic since we are learning about evolution and change and ways to "think evolutionary", yet we still sometimes have a hard time doing it ourselves. 


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