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A hoot for fairness

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After 3 months of discussing class and education, i developed an 8th sense - class sense. This video is an attempt to call us in on some causes of class divide here at Bryn Mawr. It is a declassified paper, so dont expect certain formalities to be observed. Enjoy, criticize, comment and most important act. I must acknowledge my roomate for her moral support and for being Oota.

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oh how sweet

Thanks Anne, I can't help feeling out of this world- for want of an appropriate adjective, to read YOUR comment on my work (online and not in red ink! ) Guess we all need some form of validation. I am glad that i managed to 'declassify' despite my initial apprehension.  It has been a wonderful class and i am now experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to you and to Jody for an exciting freshman seminar.

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Developing an eighth sense

what I most enjoyed about your project--as those of many of your classmates--was the way in which you used the form to express your content: this was meant to be a conversation, and you literally made it one, let us hear the sounds of voices, talking in unison and dissonance. I liked the call to "fairness, not equality," to "change form, like matter," I liked the "hooting" and the call for us to behave differently @ Bryn Mawr, among and between ourselves. I like hearing that you've developed an "8th sense" (though am curious about what the seven others are!), and hope that you will keep an eye out for an emerging "5th tradition," which will, hopefully, help to cultivate that sense among us all...