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Theory of Everything?

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In class on Tuesday, we discussed whether or not there could be a theory of everything. Some may believe there is the possibility for a grand unifying theory, which would in turn allows for prediction. Based on the evolutionary way of thinking, it would not be possible to have a theory of everything. According to Darwin’s beliefs and evolution, living things are constantly changing and developing. If there were a grand unifying theory, then there would be no way that evolution could progress. Much like the great chain of being story that was also discussed in class, this potential theory of everything would also be static and not allow for any changes.

            Those individuals who believe in a grand unifying theory would likely support the idea of a foundational story, as discussed in class on Thursday. It was decided that a foundational story is timeless, inevitable, fixed and static. This theory of everything would be timeless because if it were also fixed and static, then there would be no changes to it over time. In addition, this theory would be inevitable because predictability characterizes the theory. This foundational theory brings up the problem of the lack of free will. If there truly were a grand unifying theory, then human behavior would be predictable and expected. I think that it is important to view the world in a non-foundational way, in order to allow for time, change, complexity and movement forward.



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