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Lost in This World

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I must admit that evolution is no easy task to conquer. I would like to now place Darwin right up on the pedestal with Albert Einstein and other great geniuses. Why wasn't he there before? I am not sure, maybe my gut reactions and morals were holding me back from holding him to such esteem but after attempting to piece together a course syllabus on evolution I found that the subject is not only complex but never ending. It pours into other disciplines and weaves its way into society and popular culture. I can see how some people can find great excitement from such a theory because, I feel like there's so many questions that still need to be answered and so many answers that still need to be understood. I think I might have a crush on evolutionary theory. He's like that tall dark mysterious man we all (most females as stated by numerous societal media outlets) dream of.  But if this is a case and something I will continue to pursue the rest of the semester I sense a rocky relationship ahead. Is it worth it?

Also! Kudos to the efficient biology teachers that have successfully outlined an informative, thought provoking, and engaging unit on Evolution for their high school students. Wait are you out there? 


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