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Introducing Vivien

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      My Name is Vivien Chen and I am currently a Freshman at Bryn Mawr. I am thinking of becoming an English Major and am still currently deciding on a minor. Even though science was never necessarily one of my "strengths" in high school, I absolutely love Biology and think it is really fascinating. So, this class really makes it easy for me to enjoy by combining the two subjects together. Questions about evolution and existence are topics that particularly interest me because they raise so many questions and also don't have any right or wrong answers. I would like to learn if evolution is a random process and if the genetic variation of the "fit species" is a random, kind of trial and error process of natural selection. I understand that questions involving this topic are unanswerable and I hope to raise more questions along the way.






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Marni's Introduction

My name is Marni Klein. I am a junior at Bryn Mawr. I am a political science major concentrating in international politics and comparative politics. I have never been strong in the natural sciences, for I am more of a social science and humanities person. I think this class will be a good fit for me because it combines one of my weaknesses with one of my strengths. We never studied evolution in depth in high school. But the word appears everywhere, referring to anything from science to culture. With this in mind, I hope to apply what I learn in the class to my studies in political science.

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Anna's Introduction

On paper, I am a Haverford senior comparative literature major with a minor in French and a concentration in gender and sexuality studies. In real life, I love studying languages (French, Spanish and also teaching English as a second language), traveling, eating, and running. I 

studied abroad in Paris for my junior year, which only increased my interest in traveling, language learning, and teaching (not to mention my interest in eating, which probably increased most of all). I am a literature major who is skeptical of science, and I feel that this class would give me the chance to intelligently explore my skepticism and to critically engage with the concept of evolution which I believe has had an enormous influence not only on the development of science but on the way we conceive of society, of our economic system, and of ourselves. I am looking to move some things from the category of "Things I Don't Know I Don't Know" to "Things I Know I Don't Know."

I also love Camus and think the Plague is a carefully crafted book that raises an enormous number of hard questions, so I'm excited to revisit that.

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