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The Infinite Story

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 While I found all the presentations to be interesting, I was most piqued by the creative story writing and its connections to the tree of evolution. I like the idea of how I can start a story and see its development as each person contributes a piece to make the story whole. It makes me reflect on my contributions to evolution. Am I creating a story during my lifetime that gets passed on and continued by my children and their children and so on... The story created by my ancestors, are my current actions contributing to it? How am I shaping this story? Where is the origin? The end? I find myself thinking a lot the elements of a story - the various characters, plot, climax and anticlimax. How does these elements come into play when the story is infinite? I believe I will be plagued by these questions for a while but being conscious of this thought process will help me reach my comfort level on this topic.


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