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Reflection on Educational Experience

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For my educational background paper, I chose to write about my experience as a child who has a parent in the military and how that has affected me both positively and negatively. Initially, I was planning on writing about how I have struggled a bit to accept who I am through my educational experience; I have been to many schools where there hasn’t been much diversity or people who look like me. I have often found myself mixing in/blending with either my caucasian friends or my African-American friends and isolating myself from my race. But once I got to high school and opened my eyes to all the diversity that surrounded me, I then realized the importance of embracing one’s ethnicity and race and not just “mixing in”. For many years before I got to high school, I never celebrated or recognized who I was and where I came from; I think that that was a huge part of my educational background paper. I have now become comfortable with who I am and where I come from, whereas when I was younger I often shied away from my race and felt almost ashamed to accept my culture. But with my unique and diverse educational experience at a small private high school I was able to embrace my race and become more familiar with it.