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"Evolution is a Bloody Good Story"

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 In class, Professor Grobstein asked the class, "Why am I here? Or rather, Why are you here?" And the first word or phrase that came to my mind was "chain-reaction." Darwin, in his novel "Origin of Species," says that, "We have.. seen that it is the most flourishing and dominant species of the larger genera, which on average vary most; and varieties, as we shall hereafter see, tend to become converted into new distinct species." He then in a later chapter asks how have these adaptations from organisms been perfected. I believe that chance has a lot to do with how we got here and how other organisms became what we now know them as, which correlates to my previous chain-reaction thought. However, in class I also learned that proving something to be true is not the "business of science." So instead of thinking of ways for chance to be true in the nature of evolution, the more important aspect that I should be thinking of is the summary or story behind it. 


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